Student Groups

Student Groups

NSCS Peer Mentoring Program

Our highly successful peer mentoring program allows students in the full NSCS major (glia) to serve as mentors to pre-majors (neurons). Over the years, this program has been proven to be highly successful and valuable to students who are looking for support and help from other students who have been in their shoes once. We know that the most important factor in retaining students their first year is making connections and staying engaged.

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NSCS Ambassadors Program

The mission of the NSCS Ambassadors is to strengthen the NSCS community by providing its students with academic and professional development resources, promoting the major to prospective students, and organizing events to support the NSCS program and connect students with the Greater Tucson community. Our mission is accomplished through hosting various fundraisers that support NSCS undergraduate research, working with other organizations to host cross- departmental outreach events, and facilitating a mentor program so that pre-NSCS majors will be fully equipped to enter the complete major.

New Ambassadors are selected each year toward the middle of the Spring semester. Students in the full major and those who have been accepted into the major and expect to fulfill the admission requirements at the end of the Spring semester may also apply. The new Ambassadors are selected by the current Ambassadors and the selection process is competitive. 

The Ambassadors work tirelessly to reach the goals of the NSCS Program and they have been an enormous part of the success of the program and in building the tight-knot community that exists within our program. Suggestions for other ways that the Ambassadors can help are always welcome! 

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Have a question or suggestion for the NSCS Ambassadors? Let us know! If you request a direct response, an ambassador will respond to your question within two business days.

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Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Association of Students (NSCSAS)

The NSCSAS is a UA student community that was established in 2009 as the Neuroscience Club. NSCSAS affords students with an interest in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science a whole host of opportunities, including the great opportunity to meet other students in the pre-NSCS and NSCS major. They also focus on outreach, professional development, and host plenty of fun activities. Students from all majors are welcome, including student who are pre-majors in NSCS. To join this group, please email

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Nu Rho Psi

Nu Rho Psi - Alpha in Arizona is the University of Arizona’s chapter of the only national honor society in Neuroscience. The society, founded in 2006 by the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience, has bloomed into a nation-wide organization dedicated to providing recognition to and support for high-achieving neuroscience students in academic institutions as they work towards advancing the field of neuroscience. High standards of membership in Nu Rho Psi at the UA address students’ academic and individual excellence, and their dedication to neuroscience. The diversity of backgrounds of our members fosters intellectual and academic growth as we strive to tackle challenges faced by the ever-growing field of neuroscience through seminars, laboratory research, and discussion. Our chapter members enjoy scholarly camaraderie and also are dedicated to our local community, engaging in a variety of neuroscience-related service activities throughout Tucson.

Each year, National Nu Rho Psi designates a theme to direct the educational and outreach initiatives for the chapters. UA’s Nu Rho Psi chapter is excited to have played an influential role in the selection of this year’s theme of “Stress and Anxiety.”

Twice each year, we issue a call to all academically eligible NSCS students to consider applying for membership in the chapter.

Chapter Officer for 2022-2023: Cece Roessle, President of Nu Rho Psi - Alpha in Arizona Chapter

Chapter Advisor: Dr. Ulises Ricoy, PhD, NSCS Program Director

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