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Preceptor Contract

NSCS Preceptor Contract and Enrollment

*Students' default catalog year is their admit term to the UA and this version of the curriculum will remain as a student's requirements until graduation unless they opt to change catalogs. Students who were enrolled at another Arizona university or community college may opt to move back to an older catalog year (see UA Choice of Catalog Policy). All students can opt to move forward in Catalog year if a newer set of requirements comes out that is more appealing. Contact your advisor if you would like to change your catalog year.

Focus/Emphasis Declaration

Focus/emphasis Declaration Qualtrics

Please use this form to make declarations for your Focus (Neuroscience or Cognitive Science) and Emphasis (Cognition, Computation, Dev. and Aging, Lang. and Comm., Neurobiology, Philosophy of Mind, or Thematic). If you have not yet declared your focus or emphasis, please make your choices below and an academic advisor will declare them for you.

If you have chosen one, but not the other, you may still fill out the form and make appropriate selections.

Instructions on how to check the status of your declarations are on the form. 

Note: Completion of this form does not automatically declare your focus or emphasis, an advisor will use your selections to manually declare them.