100% Engagement

100% Engagement

At the University of Arizona, an important goal is student involvement in experiential learning, real-world applied learning experiences that complement their academic classroom studies. In the process, the students develop skills and applied knowledge that can be translated into employment readiness. Activities are designed in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, professional development, discovery, creative expression, community partnerships and intercultural exploration.

The 100% engagement program can be accessed in two ways:

  • in courses for credit at the 300 and 400 level that are specifically designed at the college level to provide engagement opportunities.
  • in approved non-credit opportunities that are created at the university level.

In the NSCS program, we currently have several courses that offer engagement credit, including Directed Research (NSCS 392 and 492), Independent Studies (NSCS 399, 499, 399H, and 499H), Preceptorships and Internships (NSCS 491, 491H, and LASC 393 and 493). Successful completion of at least 45 hours of engagement activities results in a “engagement” notation on the student’s transcript.

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